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The Pilates Psychology is a transformative exercise method fusing classical Pilates and evidence-based psychotherapy concepts.

Master the concepts with your body through Pilates challenges,

master the concepts with your mind through life challenges.

Strong body, stronger mind.


The Pilates Psychology was born from the questions:

What's the psychology behind the mind + body connection?

How can I feel that post-workout bliss in everyday life?

Roshini Kumar, certified Pilates instructor and licensed psychotherapist, began practicing consistent classical Pilates in 2018 after hearing the quote:​


"In 10 sessions you'll feel a difference, in 20 sessions you'll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body."​

-Joseph Pilates

Intrigued, she began her Pilates journey and began feeling stronger, and unexpectedly, much happier. As a psychotherapist, Roshini's mission was to help her clients overcome depression and anxiety with evidence-based therapies. She hoped they'd leave therapy with the same catharsis and mental clarity she felt after leaving Pilates. There was something about Pilates that felt very reminiscent of psychotherapy itself.

In examining classical Pilates with psychology-colored glasses, Roshini realized that the psychological benefits of Pilates went far beyond an endorphin rush. The same concepts she taught in psychotherapy are the same concepts that are actively practiced in Pilates movement. When the body practices the concepts, the mind naturally uses the concepts in everyday life, improving mood. The embedded therapy concepts in Pilates just needed to be identified, refined, practiced, and importantly, celebrated! 

Roshini did just that in her own practice, and soon began teaching Pilates with this framework. Witnessing the glowing transformations and positive feedback from her growing Pilates client base inspired Roshini to create The Pilates Psychology, an innovative fusion of classical Pilates and evidence-based psychotherapy.


The Pilates Psychology (TPP) is an exercise method of 3 Pilates class types that build on each other. TPP was thoughtfully and intentionally created from the foundations of classical Pilates, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. 

TPP can be taken gradually in class formats, or from start to finish as a results-driven wellness course. Research-backed mood rating scales are available when taking the course for mood improvement.

Each class uses a variation of the Pilates mat, reformer, cadillac, springboard and props, with guided verbal instruction by founder, Roshini Kumar.  TPP is trauma-informed, and only provides physical touch guidance with consent.

3 Class Types:

each class type is taken 3 times before advancing in the course

Focus + Feel

Focus on instruction.

Feel your body from the inside out.

Form + Flow

Practice proper form.

Flow through movement.

Find + Fuse

Find your strength.

Fuse therapy concepts into challenges.


Learn more about the research-backed wellness modalities behind The Pilates Psychology. Concepts from each model are infused into each class.

Classical Pilates

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Classical Pilates is a set series of mat and apparatus exercises designed to create a healthy spine by strengthening the core. Created by the late Joseph Pilates, each exercise is meant to capture each of the six (puzzle piece) Pilates principles, in designated exercise order. Once the body learns the order, the real work begins! Each exercise has an infinite range of challenge built right into it. Pilates is proven effective in improving mood, mobility and resiliency.

CBT is a "gold standard" therapy modality for treating anxiety and depression, developed by the late Dr. Aaron Beck, and carried on through his daughter, Dr. Judith Beck. CBT teaches us that our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are linked. Working to change one will inevitably change the others, reminding us that one small habit change can set off a positive chain reaction! Multiple research studies prove CBT's effectiveness in treating a range of mental health diagnoses in children and adults.

DBT is a widely-used therapy modality designed to regulate emotion to avoid feeling stuck in the high highs and low lows. Created by Dr. Marsha Linehan, DBT teaches us how to practice mindfulness, tolerate distress, and how to navigate relationships in our worlds (known as interpersonal effectiveness). DBT has been heavily researched and is proven effective in treating  borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, addiction and suicidal behavior.





Mill Valley (pictured)

@ Mill Valley Pilates in Shelter Bay

Semi-Private up to 4

mat + apparatus

TPP can be taken gradually per class or as a results-driven course in this supportive, community-focused studio setting with personalized instruction. 

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Pilates Psychotherapy

mat + apparatus + talk therapy

The TPP course + individual, practical application of psychotherapy concepts.

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San Francisco

@ Bay Club SF

Large Group

mat + apparatus + cardio equipment

Bay Club Membership

+ specialty class fees as listed

TPP is fused into high intensity formats and meditative formats.

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Semi-Private up to 4

mat + apparatus + cardio equipment

Bay Club Membership

+ individual session fee

The TPP course with

individual guidance.

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Meet Roshini,
owner and founder of The Pilates Psychology



A Note from Roshini:

Hi there, and thank you for being here! I'm Roshini Kumar, a licensed psychotherapist and certified Pilates instructor. I founded The Pilates Psychology, LLC, RK Counseling, LLC and am Pilates Team Captain and instructor at Bay Club San Francisco. I'm an Indian American, native Dallasite who followed my heart to the Bay Area in 2023 to combine my specialties of Pilates and mental healthcare. My ultimate passion as a psychotherapist is to take evidence-based psychotherapy off the therapy couch and into real life! I believe that therapy concepts shouldn't be a secret and can be infused into many hobbies and habits to help us live our most meaningful lives. Off the mat and reformer, you'll find me hiking the Marin Headlands with my dog, Gus, in my kitchen cooking up all types of cuisines, adventuring all over the Bay Area with friends, and hosting loved ones visiting from around the globe! You can learn more about my professional experience below.


Psychology Experience

Roshini's 15 year psychology experience is in evidence-based psychotherapy, crisis management and care coordination of children and adults managing depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, eating disorders and hearing loss. She has provided trauma-informed, gender affirming care in inpatient units and outpatient clinics at Children's Health, UT Southwestern Medical Center and RK Counseling in Dallas, Texas. Most recently, Roshini served as clinical manager and program leader for suicide prevention intensive outpatient programs and outpatient departments. With this experience, Roshini has given many educational talks on psychological wellness, and has shared evidence-based strategies to manage depression and anxiety in interviews with NPR, KRLD, CBS, NBC, ABC, and local media outlets. Roshini has also published her research on the psychological effects of hearing loss in Ear and Hearing and Frontiers in Psychology academic journals and in audiology textbook publications. Roshini is currently accepting new teletherapy clients from California and Texas.

pilates body.png

Pilates Experience

During her mental health career, Roshini began practicing consistent classical Pilates at Kiva Classical Pilates in Dallas, Texas. With encouragement from her trusted instructors and a genuine interest to learn more about classical Pilates and its impact on mental health, she became a certified classical Pilates instructor on the mat, tower, reformer, cadillac, and high chair. Roshini began pairing therapy concepts with classical Pilates, creating restorative Pilates formats on the mat, tower and reformer as an instructor at Kiva Classical Pilates. Roshini brought her mind+body Pilates skills to the Pilates program at Bay Club San Francisco, creating innovative Pilates class formats including mat interval flow, mind+body reformer, Pilates cardio circuits and meditative flow. Roshini loves getting to know her clients, and is passionate about helping clients with varying fitness goals and preferences find the Pilates movement that works best for their goals and lifestyle. Honoring the classical Pilates tradition, Roshini received mentorship from Mary Bowen, a psychologist and revered Pilates elder who worked directly with Joseph Pilates.

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Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Studio Art

Baylor University, Waco, TX


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Board of Behavioral Sciences

California License #14611

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Behavioral Health Executive Council

Texas License #70864



Certified Classical Pilates Instructor: Core Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, High Chair

Power Pilates

Certified in Trichotillomania and OCD Related Disorders Treatment

Trichotillomania Learning Center 



Trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Beck Institute

Trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy


Trained in Kiva Pilates Tower

Kiva Classical Pilates



Roshini speaks to Good Morning Texas during National Suicide Prevention Week, on warning signs and evidence-based therapies that improve depression and anxiety.


Roshini speaks with Children's Health on how to talk to children about suicide, depression and anxiety.


Roshini speaks with KERA on the pandemic's impact on mental health.


Roshini explains anxiety disorders, treatment for anxiety and shares helpful tips to manage anxiety. 


Roshini speaks to DFWChild on how to help kids manage their anxiety using helpful tips from evidence-based talk therapy.


Roshini shares 8 practical tips on how children can manage health anxiety and Covid anxiety.


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Learn more about psychotherapy tips that can elevate your teaching! Virtual 1:1 and group consultations available. Email Roshini for more information.



Looking for ways to to infuse psychotherapy into fitness, hobbies and interests? Virtual 1:1 and group consultations available. Email Roshini for more information.

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